Best Defence Award - 2015

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wrote on 07-Dec-10 21:00

2015 Awards: The 2015 Best Defence Awards will again be sponsored by APTUS Accounting & Advisory The player judged to be the Best Defensive Player in each PL 1st and Reserve grades by his team management will win $100 gift voucher, courtesy of our sponsor. Rules:- Best Defensive Team (1st & reserve grades) 1. To be eligible for the Best Defensive Team prize, the winning team must be represented in the Forum’s Golden Boot tally for that season. 2. The Forum prize of a $100 gift voucher will be awarded to the PL team at the end of the competition rounds which has the least goals scored against it as shown on the official GHFA results table. If this team was not a participant in the Golden Boot tally, the prize will be awarded to the next team that is. If there is more than one eligible team which shares the lowest number of goals scored against it, the team appearing highest on the ladder will be the winner. 3. The Forum encourages participating team Coaches/Managers to institute a 3, 2, 1 concensus point score system for the best defensive player each round, to keep their own tallies and to award the Best Defence prize at the end of the competition rounds to the individual player in the Best Defensive Team who has accrued the highest number of points. 4. The name of the winning player is to be announced on this forum by the winning team. 5. Admin decisions and interpretation of these rules will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. -------------------------------------------------------------------------END 2015 2014 awards to: 1st Grade: KEN - 12 goals against (info not provided) Res Grade: KEN - 19 goals against (info not provided) ----------- 2013 awards to: 1st Grade: Pennant Hills (Best Defensive player: James Mielnik) Res Grade: Kenthurst (Best Defensive player: Michael James ) ------------ 2012 awards to: 1st Grade: Kenthurst (Best Defensive Player: Nate Grey) Res Grade: Kenthurst (Best Defensive Player: Skid Marks) ------------ 2011 awards to: 1st Grade: Pacific Hills Dural (Best Defensive Player: Charlie Sawley) Res Grade: St Andrews (Best Defensive Player: Whole team) ------------ 2010 awards to: 1st Grade: Pennant Hills (Best Defensive Player: Pete Colosimo) Res Grade: West Pennant Hills (Best Defensive Player: Ben Caisley)

wrote on 30-Mar-13 22:05

We thank EFS Strategic for again sponsoring this award in 2013. To participate in the prizes, the winning team must be represented in the Golden Boot tally.

wrote on 09-Jul-13 09:06

The Best Defence Award is sponsored by EFS Strategic

Progress after 13 rounds:

1st Grade: PEN - 13 goals against

Res Grade: KEN - 7 goals against

wrote on 12-Aug-13 21:02

The Best Defence Award is sponsored by EFS Strategic

Final results after 18 rounds:

1st Grade: PEN - 17 goals against

Res Grade: KEN - 12 goals against

Congrats to both club teams. PEN & KEN win the EFS Strategic sponsored $100 gift voucher for each team.


The Forum encourages participating team Coaches/Managers to institute a 3, 2, 1 concensus point score system for the best defensive player each round, to keep their own tallies and to award the Best Defence prize at the end of the competition rounds to the individual player in the Best Defensive Team who has accrued the highest number of points.

The name of the winning player (from each squad) is to be announced on this forum by the winning team.

Can each Golden Boot club rep get in touch with me by private message to advise details for despatch of prizes.

wrote on 08-Apr-16 16:09

It is a good idea to sponsor awards and motivate the club teams.

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