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DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: DH ()
Date: August 17, 2017 12:46PM

A member of the Super league community posted the DH(ie dick head) scores by team last week and it was a good read.

Anyone care to do a DH ranking for the PL?

1/10= No DH
10/10 = Full of DH

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Re: DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: DH RAnks ()
Date: August 18, 2017 12:10PM

Pennant Hills FC
D/H 5/10
Generally alright blokes, good style of football and not too many DHs on the team.

Epping Eastwood FC
D/H 11/10
Choking Rating 11/10
Everyone was pretty happy to see these DHs choke and lose the title. Get results but not when it makes. Team full of DHs

WPH Cherrybrook FC
Bit of an eh team.Couple of young DHs in the team but generally alright.

Eastwood St Andrews AFC
5/10 DH
Not particularly that DHish but don't really want a beer with the cobbers either.

North Epping Rangers SC
9/10 DHs
Massive DHs but also good for a beer with them. Great BBQ as well
Also chokers (must be something in the water in epping)

Hills Hawks FC
Country DHs 7/10
Yeah mostly DHs out there led by led DH up front. Good for a beer though

Normanhurst FC
Yeah these blokes are a solid 10/10 DH
Not must to write home about, load of DHs

Gladesville Ravens SC
9/10 DH
Yeah mostly DHs here, souvas were good though.

Macquarie Uni SC
5/10 DH
Too busy conceding goals to be that much of a DH

West Ryde Rovers FC
10/10 DH
Love the goggles though

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Re: DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: My turn ()
Date: August 18, 2017 12:22PM

I'll go.

Pennant Hills - 6/10
The team would get a 2-3, but Nick Gray is a grub so he adds 4 points to their tally. Play the best football though.

Epping Eastwood - 10/10
Has to be probably the worst bunch of blokes in the comp. Turner, Mouysis, Peatey kicking the f%$# out of players all game, but when they get kicked they carry on like not tomorrow.

West Pennant Hills - 4/10
Apart from the Giant grub in the center of the part(think his nick name is whitey), they don't get involved in the grubby stuff and get on with playing football. Their manager is a bit of a tool though.

St Andrews - 6/10
Hard players that dish out a serve, but can take it. The onyl pork chop in that team would have to be Horse who is way out of his league now, his used by date is up. Rumours have it the reserve team was full though! Credit to the red head in the center and the 2 center backs. A little grubby, but very fair and most of the time in the spirit of the game.

North Epping - 9/10
When things are going well they are nice, but when they go behind they become grubby little men. Top that off with their pube headed coach and their 7 managers sitting on the sideline spraying the ref and opposition players with dribble all game. Special mention to the Pommy guy who is probably the best player in the comp in their team, but also the only guy who is the biggest whinger in their comp.

Hills Hawks - 8.5/10
With the straw hatter guy in charge as coach they should have been settled, but instead they just have gone up a knotch. The spray coming off their sideline near the BBQ was humouris at times but also over the top. As for players, that fat striker they had has to be one of the worlds biggest dicks = +4 for just him

Normanhurst - 1/10
Without doubt the least gubbiest team in the comp. Credit to the coach for having a young bunch of guys that want to play football and play in the spirit of the game. To do what they have done to EEW and hand them the league for a ref's mistake is commendable and amazing.

Gladesville Ravens - 7/10
Probably out of their depth in the PL in my view. Their coach seems like he could just turn up at any moment and mass murder the squads on the pitch. Some of the sledging is by far the worst in the comp and they take the comp way too seriously for their talent pools.

Macquarie Uni - 2/10
I just think that Mac uni didn't care enough to be dickheads this year.

West Ryde - 3/10
Disappointing season for these guys, but no one can question the commitment of them. As for grubs, i wouldnt say they are that bad, just desperate for points.
Shout out to the guy with the goggles who copped it both games we played them and tok it in good spirits

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Re: DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: timmykruse ()
Date: August 18, 2017 12:40PM

>> Play the best football though.

i agree. i hv watched a few matches & enjoy watching their slick passing game in opp. part of the field. Seldom long balls

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Re: DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: Big DH ()
Date: August 18, 2017 02:09PM

From Biggest D/H to the least

Grubbiest team but also biggest whingers on and off the field. Bad winners and even worse losers- daylight ahead of 2nd

Better and kicking players than kicking balls, sideline talking non stop shit

Worse from the sideline than from the field

Quiet when theyre winning but whingers when theyre behind

Stong players who play physical, but not too grubby, shit bbq though

Mostly decent but a few dickheads who think they're heros

Annoying but not grubby, except for the tall topnot dickhead in the middle

Too shit to care

Good blokes and good football- deserved winners of the comp

Take losses well -had plenty of practise at it

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Re: DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: consensus ()
Date: August 19, 2017 11:05AM

So pretty much everyone is a dickhead...

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Re: DH Ranking by Team
Posted by: real consensus ()
Date: August 21, 2017 08:17AM

i think everyone agrees that eew are the biggest dhs in the comp by a long shot

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